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  • Mood: High
  • Listening to: Nick Cave & Warren Ellis
  • Reading: The Twelve
  • Watching: my incredible long....diiiiiiictionary about birds
  • Playing: not much
  • Eating: mostly noodles 'cause I'm poor
  • Drinking: the german word is "wildkirsche"
It was just a catnap, but there it is - ten years Deviantart!
First of all, thanks to me for displaying my "outpourings" (gross) and secondly, thanks to the 3,164 fellows who watch me..... I even had sex with a few of you! It was incredible, you pushed my ego so unbelievably bad in so many ways.

It was and will be great.
New stuff by the end of january.

Be strong,
Comelms Dungrich